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CAM Project – FreeCAD Path #2

CAM Project – FreeCAD Path #2

First we need to create a new CAM project for this part. To do this, click Creates a Path Job Object icon.

Window will appear.

And click OK. If you are wondering why you need to create a new CAM project every time, the point is that for one part we can have several CAM projects. For example, when we have machining in several fixings, when we have to machine a part from several sides.

The main difference between individual CAM projects for a part will be its orientation and location of the coordinate system origin.

So, for example, in the first operation we machine the part from top, and in the second from bottom. Then we need two CAM projects, but we can do it in one file.

Later in the course we will return to this, and now let’s set the stock and work coordinate system.

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