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CAM Project – Another Settings – FreeCAD Path #4

CAM Project – Another Settings – FreeCAD

Let’s check what we have in the other tabs.

In the General tab we can change the name from Job, for example to Operation 1. This label will appear in the operation tree, which will allow us to uniquely identify this operation.

In the Output tab, we can specify the name of the file with the machining program and select the postprocessor.

As the file name, enter p1.cnc in the Output File field. And here you need to pay attention to the file extension. It must be as required by the machine tool controller. But the machining program is a text file, so we can change it after generating this a file.

And as a postprocessor choose, for example, Grbl.

We can skip the other tabs. Let’s click OK to accept settings.

And in the operation tree we have our first CAM project called Operation 1.

Now we will go to the tool library.

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