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Edit Tool Parameters – FreeCAD Path #6

Edit Tool Parameters in FreeCAD

We can remove the first default tool. Right click on the tool you want to remove and choose Delete.

Now to change the number, dimensions and parameters of the tool, double-click on the selected tool and here we can change the data of this tool.

At the beginning let’s change the number to 11 and include the new tool number in its name.

As you can see below, we can specify the feed and rotation of the tool.

Horizontal Feed is the value of the work feed in the XY axes, and Vertical Feed is the value of the feed in the Z axis.

As you can see the feed here is given in mm/s, and in machining we give the feed in mm/min. For now, we will leave these units as mm/s. And as Horizontal Feed enter 100, as Vertical Feed enter 10. I use these parameters only to show how it works and to easily remember what feed values have been set for the selected tool, so that when checking the machining program I check if everything is ok.

Similarly, set the spindle revs value in the Spindle section. Enter 1000 and the Forward direction.

We also have a Tool tab here where we can change the geometrical parameters of the tool. But at this point, let’s leave them unchanged.

Click Ok to accept the changes.

Now let’s change the parameters for the tool Flat 6. Change the number to 12, horizontal feed to 200, vertical feed to 20 and spindle speed to 2000. Click Ok.

Let’s add a drill bit diameter 8 to our tool list. Open the tool library, click the New Tool button. As the name, type Drill 8, choose the type Drill, as the material HighSpeedSteel. Enter 8 as the diameter, 30 as the working length and 118 degrees as the angle.

Click ok, select the tool and add it to our project.

And now let’s edit the parameters of this tool. Let’s change the number to 13, set Horizontal Feed to 30 and set Vertical Feed to 33. This drill should work only vertically, so the value from the Vertical Feed field should be taken into account. But the drill can also move between the drilled holes, which is why we enter different values here to check later how it looks in the machining program.

Spindle speed set to 330.

Click ok and confirm the changes.

We have a defined origin, stock and tools. So we can proceed to maching.

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