Tool Library – FreeCAD Path #5

FreeCAD Path – Tool Library

The next step to do is define the tools. At this point we have the Default Tool in the tool list.

When we double-click the left mouse button on this tool, we will open a window in which we can edit the parameters of this tool.

We have here the name of the tool and its number, machining parameters, which at this moment are set to 0 and are given in mm/s and not in mm/min and we will return to this soon.

And when we expand the Tool tab, we have the geometrical parameters of this tool.

Type of tool, material of which the tool is made and its diameter and length. What’s more, a 3D model of this tool appears in the work area, so we have a reference how the tool looks in relation to the workpiece.

For now, let’s not change anything here, click OK and we will go to the tool library.

To start the tool library, click the Tool Manager.

Let’s add new tool by clicking the New Tool button.

Window with tool parameters will appear.

Let’s enter the tool Name as Flat 10.

We also have a Type field here to specify the type of tool. And as type we choose EndMill.

Let’s leave Carbide as a Material.

Leave 0 as the Length Offset.

Enter 10 for D (diameter), and 20 for H,the tool length. And click OK.

Let’s add another tool.

Now to add these tools to our CAM project, check the boxes next to these tools and click the Create Tool Controller button.

And we can see that the tools are already in our CAM project and we will be able to use them when preparing machining.

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