Ghost Tools – Alphacam Tutorial – Lesson 5

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Ghost tools and Join geometries – Lesson5 – Alphacam Router Tutorial


At this point, it is worth mentioning one more thing.

From the View tab, select Display options | Ghost tools, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + G. The drawing will show white arrows. Each such arrow means one geometry. As you can see, the rectangle consists of several geometries.

Later on, each geometry would be treated as separate geometries and for each of them we would have the tool lead in and tool lead out. And to join geometries, use the Join command from the Edit tab. After selecting this function, select the geometries that you want to connect with each other, e.g. these two.

And now these two geometries are joined.

We could repeat this for the remaining geometries, but we will add fillets to our drawing. And if the geometry is not connected in the place where you want to add a fillet, e.g. as here between arc and a rectangle, then after adding a rounding, these geometries will be connected to each other.