Heidenhain Download and Installation [L:1] – Tutorial #1

heidenhain tutorial

Heidenhain Tutorial for beginners- Download and installation

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With this article, we will begin the basic Heidenhain simulator tutorial. Heidenhain is a very popular and provides a demo version of the an application which is an emulator of the control system. We can run this on the personal computer.

To download the emulator, which is called a programming station, go to www.heidenhain.com.

heidenhain tutorial

From the navigation bar select Software.

Expand the PC Software | Programming Station and select iTNC530 Programming Station 606424 004 0 09.

And select Download button.

Extract the files from the downloaded folder and open the folder 60642404.

Run the Setup.exe file and install iTNC530 with the default parameters.

The iTNC530 icon should appear on the desktop.

Double-click the left mouse button (LMB) on the icon to launch the application.

If you do not have an icon on the desktop, select the appropriate application from the start menu.

After launching the application window should look like in the picture below (after clicking the CE button disabling the demo version information).

You can have a keypad on the left side of the application window. Later I will show you how to change it.

The demo version allows you to write and edit programs with up to 100 lines of code. This is a sufficient number of lines to prepare simple programs that allow you to learn this control system.

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