Contour machining part 6 – Helical Interpolation – Alphacam #26

helical interpolation alphacam

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Helical Interpolation in Alphacam


Helical interpolation in Alphacam is an option which allows us prepare helical machining, found under the names milling on a helix or spiral milling. A very nice way to machine contours. It allows for a very good finish of the machined wall.

To enable machining on a helix, in the contour machining operation, in the Levels and Cuts tab, you must check the Helical Interpolation.

helical interpolation alphacam

With this option, the Pitch parameter is associated, in which we determine the helix pitch along which the tool will move. Let’s enter, for example, 1.

helical interpolation

If you look closely at the tool path or run a simulation, you’ll notice what it’s all about.

You can also increase the Pitch, e.g. on 10. Then it will be clearly visible.

alphacam helix

This strategy is ideal for machining tight grooves or finishing holes.