Break Geometry – Alphacam Tutorial – Lesson 3

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Break geometry – Lesson 3 – Alphacam Router Tutorial


Now we will remove unnecessary fragments of circles and rectangles. We will do it in two ways. One using the Break function, which we will discuss in the left part of the drawing. Second using the Trim function, which we will discuss on the right part of the drawing.

We’ll start with the Break function. This function will allow us to divide the geometry at specific points. The functions responsible for editing the geometry can be found in the Edit tab.

Choose the Break command. In this window, select the Geometry option because we want to divide the geometry. And Individually. And click OK.

Now we have to indicate the division point on geometry. And again, to do this precisely, we have to use the snaps. In this case, the Intersection of Snap will be helpful. With its help, we will point two geometries and the point at which they intersect will be the point of the division of geometry.

After selecting the Intersection of snap, we must indicate the first geometry and it will be the geometry that we want to break. So first we want to divide the circle. Click on the circle. Now as the second geometry, indicate the side of the rectangle. And here we can get two dividing points. At the bottom or at the top of the circle. Depending on where you click. Click near the top point.

The Break command is still active. So we repeat the previous steps to get the split point on the bottom of the circle.

So choose the Intersection of snap, select the circle as the first geometry and as the second, side of the rectangle near the bottom point of the circle.

Now let’s check the division. Select the function Delete from the Edit tab. Select the part of the circle outside the rectangle and if the half circle outside the box is highlighted, accept the selection by right-clicking in the work area.

Ok, now we have to divide the rectangle so that we can remove the part of the side inside the arc.

I will show you a little easier way to divide the geometry now.

Select the Break command, but this time select the option Use cutting geometry. Click OK.

As the cutting geometry, select the arc that remained from the circle.

Accept the selection with the right mouse button. And then, as the geometry to be cut, select the fragment of the side of the rectangle lying inside the arc.

Exit the command by right-clicking.

Let’s see if everything worked out this time. Select the Delete command and select the part of the rectangle that lies inside the arc. If only this line is highlighted, accept with the right mouse button.

And you will get: