Lesson 13 – Simple 2.5D Machining – Tutorial #1

chamfering in alphacam

Chamfering in Alphacam

We still have to make chamfers.

From the Machine tab select Select Tool command.


chamfering in alphacam

Select User – Cone – 10mm x 45 deg tool.

Select Rough or Finish operation.

Types tab (default):


General tab:

Levels and Cuts tab fill in as shown in the picture below.

Machining Data tab:

The parameter Stock to be Left determines the chamfer dimension (in this case 0.5 x 45 degrees, angle from tool).

Lead-In/Out tab:

Tool Data tab (default):

Click OK.

Select geometries and accept by clicking Finish (ESC) button or RMB.

We should get toolpaths as show in the picture above.

Select all operation in Operations tab in the Project Manager.

And now we see all the toolpaths.

In the next lesson, we will run a simulation.

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