Contour machining part 2 – General Tab – Alphacam #22

alphacam contour machining

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Contour machining part  2 – General tab – Alphacam


On the Types tab, select the Vertical option and go to the General tab.

alphacam contour machining

In the Tool section we have information about which tool we have selected for this operation and here we can also change the selected tool.

The Compensation section is responsible for enabling or disabling the tool radius compensation. I described it earlier on the basis of Fusion 360 [link]. In any CAM system it works similarly.

The XY Corners section is responsible for the shape of the tool path at the outside corners. This I will discuss later, on a different example. Because we currently do not have any corners in geometry.

We will also come back to other options later.

And now fill in the window as in the picture above.