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Drilling part 3 – Deep Drilling -Fusion 360

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Deep Drilling Fusion 360

In this post, we will discuss two basic drilling cycles. Standard G81 drilling and deep drilling G83.

By choosing the Drilling cycle, we do not have to set any parameters anymore. The tool will simply goes dowm vertically with the work feed to reach the drilling depth, and then with a rapid move it will retract from the hole. In the case of steel machining, it is recommended to use carbide drills with a through tool coolant option to use this cycle.

Deep drilling cycle – deep drilling cycle, has several parameters to set.

The parameter Pecking Depth, means the depth of one step. So in our case, the tool will first goes down to the Z-3.5, then it will be retracted and then goes down to Z-7, etc.

The Pecking Depth Reduction parameter is responsible for reducing the depth of one step to reach the Minimum Pecking Depth.

Let’s discuss these parameters on an example. Suppose we want to drill a hole for Z-12. We have entered values:

Pecking Depth = 4

Pecking Depth Reduction = 1

Minimum Pecking Depth = 2.

In the first step, the tool will goes down to Z-4, then it will retract. In the second step, the tool will goes down to the Z-7. So we have the value of one step 4 and the value of the second step 3 (because the value of the step has been reduced by 1). In the third step, the tool will goes down to Z-9 (the value of the first step = 4, the second = 3, the third = 2). In this step, the value of one step has reached its minimum value and in subsequent steps this value will no longer be reduced. So in the fourth step, we will get drilling for Z-11. We have 1 mm more to drill and in the fifth step we will drill at Z-12, the final value. And it turns out that in the last step the minimum value of one step is not taken into account.

The Dwell Before Retract parameter is responsible for stopping the feed before the retraction. For the time specified in the Dwelling Period parameter, the tool will stop at the bottom of the hole (at the final value of the step).

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