Drilling part 2 – Cycles – Fusion 360

drilling cycles fusion 360

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Drilling Cycles Fusion 360

Before we discuss the drilling cycles available in Autodesk Fusion 360, let’s check the Heights tab. This tab looks similar to previous operations. But look at the Bottom Height section.

As for the drilling depth, the option in Hole Bottom in the From parameter is very useful. After selecting it, the bottom of the selected hole will be automatically selected as the drilling depth.

Another option worth mentioning is DrillTip Through Bottom. As a standard, drilling takes place until the drilling depth is reached by the tool tip. When this option is selected, drilling will continue until the tool reaches the drilling depth with the full diameter. Additionally, in the Offset field, you can enter a negative value (e.g. -1) to slightly lower the drilling depth and be sure that you get through drilling. Of course, when drilling through, we have to pay attention to the tool table or tooling that could be under the hole.

Let’s go to the last tab – Cycle. In this tab, we can choose one of many available drilling cycles.

Drilling is a standard G81 drilling. The tool goes down with work federate value to reach the drilling depth and then retracts in rapid move.

Counterboring is a G82 cycle. Drilling with stop at the bottom and rapid retract.

Chip breaking, drilling with chip breaking. Cycle G73. Here we have a peck drilling with partial retract.

Deep drilling, cycle G83 – Pecking. Peck drilling with full retract.

Break through, using this cycle will allow you to reduce the feed and cutting speed before punching through the hole.

Guided deep drilling – gun drilling, a cycle that we can use while drilling with barrel drills.

Tapping, threading. Cycle G84 / G74.

Tapping with chip breaking, as name suggest.

Reaming, cycle G85. Reaming with the tool retract from the hole with the work feedrate.

Boring, boring with a stop at the bottom and retract with the work feedrate.

Stop boring, cycle G86. Boring with stopping the spindle on the bottom and retracting the tool with rapid movement.

Fine boring, a cycle similar to the Stop boring cycle, except that it will set the insert in the selected angle setting and move the insert away from the machined wall before retraction.

Back-boring, back-boring cycle.

Circular pocket milling, this option can be used to assign a custom milling cycle for round pockets.

Bore milling, this option can be used to assign a milling cycle to round pockets, e.g. helical holes milling.

Thread milling, this option can be used to assign a custom thread milling cycle.

Probe, for this option we can assign a probe measurement or use a macro to set the base.

To assign a customized cycle to one of the above options, this may require change some setting in the postprocessor.

The next post will discuss two quite often used cycles. Cycle G81 – standard drilling and cycle G83 – deep drilling.