Drilling part 1 – Fusion 360

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Drilling – Fusion 360

Another operation that I will discuss in the 2D operation in Autodesk Fusion 360 is drilling.

To create drilling operation select the Drilling button.

The first tab in the Drilling operation looks the same as in previous operations.

We have selected a tool from a previous operation. Click the Select button and add a 14 mm drill to the tool library of the current project.

A window will appear in which we will add a new tool.

Let’s move to the General tab and in the Description field enter Drill 14.

Then go to the Cutter tab. Here we will determine the basic parameters of the tool geometry.

Fill out as on the above picture. Now we will define the feed and speed.

Fill out as on the picture above. In the Post Processor tab, enter the parameters as in the figure below.

Click OK. We already have a drill defined.

Click OK again to select the drill you just defined.

Now let’s go to the Geometry tab.

The Hole Mode option allows you to choose whether you want to mark the face (Selected faces) or points (Selected points). With the Selected points option, you can also select arcs and circles. The center of the arc or circle will be selected as the drilling point.

If you select Select Same Diameter, all circles with the same diameter as the indicated circle will be selected. There will also be two additional options.

Selecting Only Same Hole Depth will select holes that have the same diameter as the indicated hole and the same depth.

Selecting Only Same Z Top Height will select holes whose upper level is at the same level in the Z axis.

The Auto-Merge Hole Segments option will combine all holes (e.g. stepped ones, as in the example) into one segment. If you choose a hole with a diameter of 14 mm and do not mark this option, the upper level of the hole will be chosen at the bottom of the hole with a diameter of 21 mm, i.e. at the level Z-13. If you select this option to determine the starting point of the hole, all holes in this segment will be used. So in our case drilling will start from Z0.

The Order by Depth option allows you to specify whether we start drilling from the lowest holes in the Z axis or from the highest ones. When this option is selected, drilling will start from the holes having their origin lowest in the Z axis. If this option is deselected, the drilling will start from the holes having their origin highest in the Z axis.

Selecting the Optimize Order option will optimize the drilling order so that you get the shortest possible movements.

Selecting the Order Inside-Out option will start drilling from the holes closest to the center of the workpiece, to those that are getting closer to the outer edges.

I will discuss the next tabs in the next post.