Subprogram Heidenhain [L:8] – Tutorial #1

subprogram heidenhain

Subprogram Heidenhain – Speed up programming


Subroutines in Heidenhain

The last lesson we finished the contour machining in one pass, in this we will learn how to divide it into several passes.

In Heidenhain we have something called LBL – label. Labels allows us to prepare subroutines.

Using arrows, highlight the line 9. We are starting subroutine from here.

subprogram heidenhain

From keypad press LBL SET button and press 1 to name a label.

Again let’s highlight line 9. We pre-position the tool, turn on the spindle and coolant.

Add lines as shown in the picture below.

Now, let’s delete the line 14. Highlight the line 14 and press DEL button.

Select the line 18 and edit it for values from picture below:

Now we will end the subroutine.

Press LBL SET button and press 0 to finish label.

Select the line 11 and add line:

Z-5 – this is the depth of the first pass.

We can now call our contour machining subroutine.

Press LBL CALL button.

Press 1 to call LBL 1 and press END button.

This means that LBL 1 will be called on line 13 and made entirely – from the LBL 1 marker to LBL 0 marker.

Now we have to add the coordinate Z-axis of the next pass and call LBL 1 again to machine next Z-level.

Add lines as shown in the picture below.

Again, add the CALL LBL 1 for the next two passes on Z-15 and Z-20.

Let’s run the simulation. Activate Test run mode.

And press RESET + START softkey. We should get:

In the next lesson we will discuss our program using the subprogram.

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