DraftSight First Step – Line – lesson 7

line in draftsight

Line in DraftSight

We begin a series of DraftSight tutorials. DraftSight is a 2D CAD, free for commercial use software.

In first DraftSight lesson we will discuss a Line command.

To draw a line in DraftSight you have to select Line option from the Home Tab.

Line in DraftSight

After you select Line command, in the command window you will be prompted to specify the starting point.

Line in DraftSight

You can click left mouse button in the DraftSight workspace or enter the XY coordinates in Command window.

Let’s enter the XY coordinates. Type 0,0.

Line in DraftSight

Accept by clicking Enter.

After that you will be prompted to specify next point. Type 100,50.

Line in DraftSight

Click Enter.

You can specify next position, and so on.

Let’s see the options.

Line in DraftSight

If you type ‘S’ you will change the line from continuous to segments and you will be drawing an individual sections.

To go back to the drawing a continuous line type ‘C’.

Line in DraftSight

If you enter ‘U’, you undo the last section.

Line in DraftSight

If you enter ‘C’ you close the geometry.

Line in DraftSight

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