Alphacam Basics – Drawing a line – lesson 1

alphacam line

How to draw a line in Alphacam?

The line is one of the most basic shapes in CAD systems. Using the line and edit functions we can draw many useful geometries that we can use for machining.
To draw a line in Alphacam, select the Line command from the Geometry tab.

draw a line in alphacam

Now you can define the start of line by freely clicking in the workspace or by entering the coordinates of the first point of the line at the command line.

draw a line in ALPHACAM

Type X0 Y0 to start drawing line from the origin. Now we can select another point, that will be the end of the segment.

line in alphacam

line in alphacam

The command is still active. End of the previous segment is the beginning of another. You can draw as many segments as you want.


To finish click right mouse button (RMB) or ESC.

In the next lesson we will discuss rectangle command from the Geometry Tab.

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