Alphacam Basics – Z levels in first machining – lesson 15

alphacam rough or finish operation

Alphacam Rough or Finish – Contour machining in Alphacam

In this lesson we will discuss Z levels form Levels and Cuts Tab from Rough or Finish operation.

alphacam rough or finish operation

This operation will allws us to machine Alphacam geometries eg. Lines or rectangles…
This produce tool path along the contour.

Let’s check the Z Levels from Levels and Cuts Tab

z levels in alphacam rough or finish operation

Safe Rapid Level
The Z level that the tool can safely traverse the machining area at a rapid speed.

Rapid Down To
The Z level that the tool can move down to at a rapid speed.

Material Top
The Z level of the top of the material to be machined.

Final Depth
The Z level at which the tool will make its final pass.

In the video you will get more information.

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