Edit | Trim – Alphacam #15

Edit | Trim – Alphacam

YouTube: https://youtu.be/oQhagFa7APQ

The second way to extract a fragment of geometry is to use the Trim function. We will discuss this on the right side of the part, so that we get what we obtained previously on the left.

Choose Edit | Trim. On the command line, the TRIM: Select Cutting Geometries appeared. This command tells you to indicate the geometry to which we will trim other geometries. We will cut circles to lines, i.e. as cutting geometries, we need to indicate the lines – the lower and the upper one.

edit trim

Accept by clicking RMB.

Now the command TRIM: Pick Geometry/Tool Path to Trim appears on the command line and select fragments of circles to be deleted in order to receive something like in the figure below.

trim geometry

In our example, the action of the Trim function was faster than the function Break. If separate fragments of geometry are removed, we can use the Trim function.

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