Find geometry – Alphacam #9

Find geometry – Alphacam


Another useful option is the Find. Allows to find the indicated geometry in the geometry list.

Suppose we want to expire two short lines, but we do not want to delete them.

alphacam find

In the Project Manager, go to the Layers tab. At the top is the Find button hidden under the binoculars icon.

find geometry

If we expand the Geometry tab, we have a list of geometries that are in an open project. Each geometry, surface, solid or tool path (and everything else we have listed in the Layers tab) is on the list and we can suppress it without having to delete it. To suppress a geometry, we just need to unselect the check box for this geometry. In this case, the list is not very large and it is quite easy to find the geometries that we want to suppress, even by clicking on each geometry from the list. But what if these geometries were not 10, but 1000?

We can use the Find function. Click LMB on the binoculars and then on the geometry in the workspace you want to find on the list.

find geometry on the list

The geometry has been highlighted in the list and now you only need to unselect the check box for this geometry. Repeat the same with the second line.

geometry on the list

A simple but very useful function. Especially for large projects.

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