Lesson 3 – Simple 2.5D Machining – Tutorial #1

alphacam machining

Alphacam Machining Tutorial – Simple 2.5D machining tutorial for beginners

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First operation will be quasi-face milling. We just create pocket machining.

From the View tab select Display Options command and select Ghost Tools option (or just use Ctrl+G shortcut).

alphacam machining

To show little, white arrows connected to geometries (this command will show or hide this arrows).


This arrows represents tool side and tool direction. By Ghost Tools we can set climb or conventional milling.

To change side or direction select Tool Directions command from Machine tab.


In our drawing we have only Closed Geometries, so we will be use only option from Closed Geometries section.


For external rectangle as Direction set CW and as Side set Inside. To save changes you have to click on geometry by LMB without closing Tool Directions window. Just set proper options and click on geometry.


For next rectangle as Direction set CW and as Side set Outside.


For rectangle with fillets as Direction set CW and as Side set Inside.


We want to drill smaller circles (with diameter = 9), so we don’t have to set Tool Direction. For Drilling operation we need only circle center.

But for bigger circles we have to set CW Direction and as Side set Inside.


Now we can close Tool Direction window, but remember not to click Close button, it means that you want to set selected options for Closed geometries.


Ok, we already have complete drawing for machining. After few next lessons we will learn about basic options of 2D milling. We will be able to create toolpaths for simple geometries with basics parameters.

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