Lesson 4 – Simple 2.5D Machining – Tutorial #1

Alphacam for beginners – Tutorial #1

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First thing before creating toolpath is to choose the tool.

From Machine tab select Select Tool command.

alphacam for beginners

Window shown below will appear.


Select tool Flat – 20 mm. You have to double click on tool which you want to choose or select tool and click on Select Tool icon.


Selected tool will appear in Alphacam workspace. To accept press the Enter key or LMB.

Now, the machining strategies are active. First, we will prepare quasi-face milling operation.

From Machine tab select Pocketing command.


Window shown below will appear.


First tab is Types.

In Sides section select Verical. In Geometries section select Selected.

Now, select General tab.


In Type section select Linear option.

Select Levels and Cuts tab.


Fill the parameters as shown above.

And select Machining Data tab.


Leave this tab with default data.

And select Tool Data tab.


We can change basic tool data but we leave this tab with default data now.

Click OK to accept.


Now we have to select geometry. Select the external rectangle and accept by clicking Finish (ESC) button or RMB.

We should get:


The Z levels data from Levels and Cuts tab looks like on picture below:


Safe Rapid Level is the Z level for rapid (with G0) traverse between passes or between operations.

Rapid Down To is the Z level from which tool will start working with feed move (G1).

Material Top is the Z level which represents beginning of the machining area.

Final Depth is the Z level which represents end of the machining area.

Number of Cuts is the number od passes between Material Top and Final Depth. The greater Number of Cuts, is the less cut layer.

We will return to Pocketing operation later. In the next lesson we will create outside contour machining.

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