Rectangle – Alphacam Tutorial – Lesson 1

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Drawing rectangle – Lesson 1 – Alphacam Router Tutorial


Alphacam is a CAD / CAM system. Which means that it has a built-in CAD module in which we can create geometries from scratch. While the CAM module is very advanced, the CAD module is basic. However, in many cases CAD functionality can be very helpful. Therefore, we’ll start the course by drawing a simple 2D geometry.

And in this lesson we will start FULL Alphacam Tutorial! Yes! It will be more than 50 lessons! From 2.5D machining to simultaneous 5 axis.

It will be text tutorial. And at this moment I can record video for each lesson but without voice comment. If you want this video, please let me know in comments below this lesson.

alphacam training

In the first module we will draw a geometry from drawing above.

We will start by drawing a rectangle 300 x 200 mm.

Before drawing, let’s switch to the XY view. Here at the bottom we have a view bar. And in the near future we will mainly use the XY view and the Iso view.

Functions related to drawing geometry can be found in the Geometry tab. To draw a rectangle, select Rectangle command.

To draw a rectangle in Alphacam you must specify the coordinates of two corners of the rectangle lying on one diagonal.

We can click anywhere in the work area to specify these points, but then we will not get a rectangle with specific dimensions.

But we can also determine the coordinates of these points by entering them on the command line. So to get a rectangle with dimensions 300 x 200, as the First Corner,  specify X0, Y0.

As the Second Corner, specify the X300 Y200.

The rectangle draw command is still active. To finish drawing a rectangle, right-click in the work area or the Esc key on the keyboard.

To zoom in or out of the geometry view, use the mouse wheel. To move it, press the wheel.