Rectangle – Alphacam #2

Rectangle in Alphacam

Another basic geometry, as often used as a line, is a rectangle. To draw a rectangle in Alphcam select Geometry | Rectangle.

To draw a rectangle, we must specify the coordinates of the points defining the diagonal of the rectangle. We can do it in different ways. Either click on any two points in the Alphacam workspace, or enter the coordinates of the vertices of the rectangle’s diagonal on the command line. There also appears the RECTANGLE: Pick First Corner.

Enter X 0 Y 0.

Now we have to specify the second point. On the command line, we have the command Pick Second Corner.

Enter X 400 Y 300.

The rectangle has already been drawn, but the Rectangle command is still active. To cancel the Rectangle command, click the right mouse button (RMB) or the Esc key.

rectangle in alphacam

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