Contour machining part 11 – Remove from operation – Alphacam #31

remove from operation

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Remove from operation – Alphacam


In the previous post I showed how to add geometry to the operation, for example in a situation where we did not select all geometries and confirmed the choice or when we just added a geometry and we do not want to create another operation for this one geometry, but we want to add it to the existing one.

What if there is too much geometries or during the preparation of the machining program something changes and the geometry needs to be removed from the operation?

We can do it in a very easy way.

remove from operation

In the Operations tab, in the Project Manager, find the operation from which we want to delete the geometry. Expand the operation and the list of geometries. In the geometry list, find the geometry we want to delete. Right-click and select the option Remove From Operation from the drop-down menu. It simply means removing the indicated geometry from the selected operation.

What if we want to prepare machining with similar parameters for this particular geometry? We do not have to delete the geometry then, we can choose the option Move to own Operation. Selecting this option will create a new operation for this geometry. We can edit such an operation later, change selected parameters and recalculate.

These options are a bit hidden and at the beginning of work with Alphacam we do not know about them or we can easily forget about them. At the beginning of working with any system, we do not pay much attention to such small details, because there are many other options that are worth learning. However, I think it is worth knowing these options, because in the further stage of work with Alphacam they can speed up work.