2D Pocket part 6 – Tool entry – Fusion 360

tool entry fusion 360

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Tool entry in pocket machining – Fusion 360

In the Linking tab, in the 2D Pocket machining, we have a few additional parameters, in comparison to the 2D Contour machining. The others have been described during the contour machining.

Additionally, when it comes to the Ramp Type option, we have several different options.

The option Plunge outside stock, means the entry of the tool outside the stock. In the case of closed pockets, it will not work. And in the case of open pockets, the tool defaults start outside the stock and enters the material from the side. This option will be more useful in subsequent more complicated machinings.

The Predrill option allows you to start machining in the place of the previously drilled hole. A very useful option when using a tool that should not mill a face part. Then we drill the initial hole and in this place the tool freely penetrates the depth of the first pass. It can also be useful when you want to work with the full working length of the tool. The tool will not be loaded with tool entry.

The Plunge option is simply a vertical entry of the tool. Not a very good option if you go deep into the material.

The tool will be heavily loaded when entering the material and there is a big risk of it breaking.

Choosing the Plunge option we have two options.

The Ramp Clearance Height option is responsible for the height above the stock from which the tool will start working at the G1 work feedrate. The Ramp Radial Clearance option is the minimum distance of the tool entry from the pocket contour, i.e. the tool entry should be moved at least such a distance from the machined contour.

The Plunge option can be used in places where we know that there will be no material or easily machined materials. E.g. wood-based materials such as MDF. But even if the tool has to go vertically into the material, and we have the possibility to use a different type of input, in my opinion it is worth choosing something else.