Lesson 9 – Simple 2.5D Machining – Tutorial #1

alphacam for dummies

Alphacam for Dummies – Lesson 9

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Let’s edit the last operation – Pocketing.

And select Machining Data tab.

alphacam for dummies

In this case, the first two parameters will be important.

Stock to be Left, this parameter determines how much material will remain after machining (after this operation). This is the on side machining allowance.

Width of Cut, this parameter defines the cutting width.

And one more example with Width of Cut = 5:

The smaller Width of Cut value, the denser toolpaths.

Select the Tool Data tab.

In this tab we can change the basic tool data. These changes will be applied locally, they will only apply to this particular operation without affecting the global setting in the tool library. This is very useful when you want to apply other parameters only once, for a specific case.

After this operation we will have an allowance left.

Let’s now prepare the finishing machining of the contour (rectangle with fillets).

From the Machine tab select Rough or Finish command.

Types tab:

General tab:

Levels and Cuts tab:

Machining Data tab:

Lead In/Out tab:

Tool Data tab:

Click OK.

Select the contour:

Accept by clicking Finish (ESC) button or RMB.

For this operation, we should choose a smaller tool.

Let’s edit this operation.

In General tab select Change Tool.

Select Flat – 10mm tool (double LMB click and one LBM click on the Alphacam workspace).

The tool has been changed. Click OK.

Now we have to change the start point of the toolpath.

From the Edit tab select Start Pt command.

Use the Mid-point of snap and select the middle of the edge.

Click RMB on workspace to disable Start Pt command.

And let’s update the operations that used this contour.

We should get something like in the picture below.

We still have to drill, helical milling holes and chamfering.
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