Alphacam Basics – Mirror – lesson 31

Alphacam Mirror – Alphacam Tutorial for beginners

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Alphacam allows you to create mirrored copy of your geometries.
alphacam mirror
After selecting this command you have to select geometries that mirrored copy you want to receive.
alphacam geometry to mirror
When you have selected geometries to mirror click RMB od Esc to accept selection.
Now you have to specify first point of mirror line. This is the point that will lie on the axis of symmetry. We don’t need to have an axis of symmetry to perform mirrored copy.
specify mirror line
To indicate the point I prefer to use one of the snaps.
specify line to mirror using snaps
Select the point in the right lower corner.
Now, you have to specify the second point of mirror line. This point is also a point that will lie on the axis of symmetry.
select second point mirror lines
Select the point in the right upper corner.
second point of mirro line
After that, window shown below appears.
alphacam mirror keep original
Alphacam asks if you want to keep original geometries. If you click No, the original geometries will be erased.
In this example select Yes.
And we get original geometries and their mirrored copy.
alphacam mirror

Please see the video below!
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