Alphacam Basics – Move – lesson 26


How to move elements in the Alphacam workspace?

Move command from Edit Tab allows you to move existing elements in the Alphacam workspace.

move commadn in Alphacam

Select Move command and in the command line Alphacam ask you to select elements to be moved.

select elements to move

Select some element or elements and accept the choise by clicking RMB or Esc.
Now you will be prompted to select the base point. The base point is the datum point relative to the element to be moved.

select the base point

You can click the mouse in the required position in the Alphacam workspace or enter the coordinates and click OK.
The base point is pinned to the mouse pointer.

point the base point

To move element you can move mouse pointer and click to re-position the base point or enter new coordinates for the base point.

select the new position

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