Alphacam Basics – Equi Spaced holes – lesson 17

equi-spaced holes alpng curve in alphacam

Equi-spaced Holes Along Curve in Alphacam

Next option in Special Geometries in Alphacam is Equi-Spaced Holes Along Curve.

equi-spaced holes in alphacam

To activate this option you have to draw some geometry. Let’s draw an involute curve.

involute curve options

involute curve drawing

Now Equi-Spaced Holes Along Curve is active and we can choose this function.

equi-spaced holes options

We could specify Number of Holes or Approx Interval and Diameter of Holes.
After clicking OK we have to select contour:

select contour for equi-spaced holes

Select the involute curve, click RMB to accept and we will get:

equi-spaced holes alpng curve in alphacam

Please see the video on YouTube!

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