Multiple Depths – Fusion 360 – 2D Contour (part 13)

multiple depths fusion 360

Multiple Depths Fusion 360

The next section in the Passes tab for contour machining is the Multiple Depths section. We can divide the contour processing into several Z-axis passes, and separate the roughing and finishing operations.

Let’s check the next parameters on the examples.

The first parameter is the Maximum Roughing Stepdown. This is the maximum depth at which the tool will go down in the Z axis in one pass.

multiple depths fusion 360

At this point, we have this parameter set to 5 and the toolpath looks like this:

fusion 360 multiple depths

The operation of this parameter can be easily checked in the machining program.

multiple depths machining program

You can clearly see the next 5 mm steps in the Z axis. Only the last pass is 2 mm, because only the 2 mm material has been left to achieve the milling depth.

In this case, it does not look bad, but can we do something to get passes of equal depth?

It may happen that the last pass will be generated to a very small depth, e.g. 0.1 mm or less. Then (and in general if it is a typical roughing) a better solution is to generate passes with equal depths. Automatically, without unnecessary analysis, we eliminate the case in which the last pass will be very small.

In Fusion 360, the Use Even Stepdowns parameter is responsible for this.

use even stepdowns fusion 360

By selecting this parameter, we force the passes to be equal. Thanks to that we will avoid a situation in which the last pass will be very small.

In the NC code, it looks like this:

fusion 360 use even stepdowns

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