Tool Data Tab – Alphacam #44

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Tool Data Tab – Alphacam


Being in the initial stage of learning Alphacam, it is also discuss the Tool Data tab, on the example of contour machining operation. This tab appears in every strategy, so you should know what we can do there.

The parameters that are in this tab are the parameters that we specify when defining the tool. In a moment we will discuss adding a new tool and the parameters we can define there, but let’s check what we can do with an already defined tool.

In the Tool Data tab, you can change the Tool Number that will be generated in the NC code. In the same way, you can change the tool Offset Number. We can also change the Spindle Speed, i.e. the number of spindle revolutions per minute. Down Feed, this is feed during going down in the Z axis in the material. Cut Feed, this is feed during milling in the material. In this tab you can also change the type of cooling of the tool.

All of these parameters are defined during the definition of the tool, but sometimes a situation may happen that we must, for example, reduce the feed rate. We can do this in this window and then this change will not affect the global definition of the tool. It will be used only in this particular case.