Sideways Compensation – Fusion 360 – 2D Contour (part 5)

fusion 360 sideways compensation

Sideways Compensation – Passes Tab Fusion 360


Next tab in 2D Contour is Passes.

2d contour passes fusion 360

Compared to the Passes tab from the Face operation, we have a lot more parameters here that will affect the machining.

The first of them, Tolerance, has already been described and is responsible for the accuracy of interpolating arcs using short, straight sections.

Sideways Compensation

The Sideways Compensation parameter is responsible for the machining direction. We have three options:

  • Left (climb milling). The tool will be on the left side of the contour.
  • Right (conventional milling). The tool will be on the right side of the contour.

In most cases, climb milling is recommended, but that does not mean that you only have to use this milling method.

For example, in the case of machining long sides of parts in several passes in the Z axis. After machining to the depth of first pass, the tool will have to retract and move quickly to the beginning of the next pass. We can lose a lot of time, so if there are no other contraindications, it is worth using a Both Ways machining. Once we have climb milling, and once conventional milling.

Of course, this will work well when machining open contours. In the case of closed contours, where the tool must machine the whole contour, there is no point in using the machining in both directions because we will not save anything here, only we can make the tool wear out faster or the surface will be worse finished.

In the next post we will discuss Compensation Type.

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